In the 1970’s and early 1980’s Gary Freeborg worked in the field of sleep electrophysiology at University and Government research labs. In 1982 while conducting independent sleep studies by night, his passion for the land led him to work by day for one of the oldest and most respected Native Plant Nurseries in Texas, The Lowrey Nursery. From there he spent six years at Armand Bayou Nature Center, an 1800 acre nature preserve. There he was involved with all aspects of native plants and animals, habitat restoration, organic gardening, environmental interpretation and non-profit fund raising. He then moved to Austin TX, where he and two brothers acquired land and began exploring organic and Biodynamic agriculture, growing native trees, produce and mushrooms. An intensive Permaculture course with Bill Mollison in 1995 began a process of bringing a wide range of disciplines together with the goal of healing the land by jump-starting natures own cycles. He is Vice President of the Texas Organic Farming Research Center.  His company,  BioDiversity, offers large and small landowners a wide variety of revolutionary strategies to bring vibrant health back to the land, and increase the biodiversity in soil, plant and animal communities through consulting, education and research.

Permaculture founder Bill Mollison with Gary Freeborg