The services we offer at BioDiversity fall into two interrelated categories:

The first category addresses inviting any plot of land, from small to large, into a  better state of natural health. We begin with onsite evaluation or computer GIS assisted remote evaluation if travel is cost prohibitive.  We then recommend strategies to improve the natural health and biodiversity of plant, animal and soil microorganism communities.   The tools we use in this quest are comprehensive.  Our tool chest includes standard engineering practices, Permaculture techniques, sustainable and organic agriculture strategies, homeopathy, acupuncture, Biodynamics, subtle energy, Field Broadcasters, standard wildlife management, soil testing including total tests and more.  We can implement these strategies using our crews and equipment or assist you in any way you desire to bring your land into optimum and vibrant health.

The second category is agricultural consulting, specializing in optomizing the nutritional content of the  products grown, while improving the environment and health of the soil at the same time.  We take a wholistic approach addressing soil mineralization, soil microorganism health, water issues, farmscaping, wildlife integration, natural pest and disease strategies and natural ecological succession.

We believe that one of our greatest strengths lies in the blending of sustainable/organic agricultural methods with wild land enhancement.  The ultimate goals are identical.  We strive to optimize the photosynthetic factory of the plant whether for human, livestock or wildlife consumption.  When photosynthesis is as best it can be, the result is heightened nutritional quality,  optimum mineral content and enhanced immune system resulting in vibrant plant health.

Join us in our quest to arrest the ecological degradation of the past and heal our Earth for future generations.

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