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4:00 – 4:50 pm
“Quantum Agriculture for Earth Healing”

Also – Gary will engage us with his heart felt music that inspires us to live in the NOW!


2015  Quantum Agriculture Advanced Course Jan. 25-30

Join Hugh Lovel, Shabari Bird, Skip Miller, Mark Tally, Gary Freeborg, Mike Fluit and a group of their farmer & consultant friends for six days of fun, learning, and networking with farmers who are seeking to restore their farms. We will deepen our understanding of Hugh Lovel’s Biochemical Sequence, Biodynamic Practices Quantum Agriculture, Permaculture, holistic Grazing, Weather modification, fermentation of weeds for fertlizers, Agro-Homeopathy. Understand more about Comprehensive soil testing and how to interpret Hugh’s charts.


Improve your observation.

Expand your world view.

Turn experience into insight.

Economically self-regenerate soils.

Understand how Plants thrive.

Produce abundant trouble free crops.

Use tests to educate your eye.

Find Cause rather than treat symptoms.

Design crop systems to use nature’s abilities.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

What is Dowsing? Radionics?

What is Homeopathy for the Soil?

Lively Evening Discussions
Meet new friends and join our Quantum Agriculture Global Community

Live in Community at a beautiful Mountain Retreat


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Gary Freeborg teaches certified Permaculture design courses and a wide variety of Earth Healing strategies.  He is available for radio, media and community presentations addressing a wide range of topics.